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Lamb: It's Not Just For Easter

Butterfied leg of lamb small resized 600

Fluffy, pastel-colored Easter bunnies, pretty baskets, brightly colored boiled eggs, Peeps, jelly beans, speckled eggs and giant hollow chocolate bunnies. All of these things would magically appear in hidden nests and beautiful baskets on Easter morning when I was a child.

Like Pearls Before Swine - Deviled Oysters

Deviled Oyster

As this title implies, it was years before I appreciated the humble oyster. I watched my mother and father swoon over icy plates of raw oysters, adorned with little more than a squeeze of lemon or cocktail sauce.  Daddy made oyster stew for the two of them on many a cold winter night.  A little milk, a little cream, a pint of fresh oysters, salt, pepper and a big pat of butter, topped off with a handful of oyster crackers.


Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

Charlie Brown sits and waits for The Great Pumpkin. I wait for The Great Turkey. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. The Macy`s parade, football, cool Fall weather ,  a crackling fire , friends and family gathered for one reason and one reason only . . . to celebrate the bounty of this great nation with a once a year feast centered around what was almost our national bird . . . the turkey!  No hall decking, no fa-la-la, no gifts, no sparkly sweaters and no need to be politically correct either . . . just say Happy Thanksgiving and pass the gravy please!

Save Your Bank As You Save The Date – Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Budget

Great advice from Jenny Creno on creating a wedding budget and wedding planning tips.

Mobile Apps For Events

Event App

The number of moble apps in the event space is growing.  This guide will help you navigate mobile apps for events space so you can make better more informed decisions.

Ultimate Nashville Event Planning Guide

Ultimate Nashville Event Planning Guide

After more than a decade of experience helping event planners with seamless gatherings of all sizes, we've learned a few things about the industry. First of all, event planning isn't easy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of details involved in creating memorable events that attendees will talk about for years to come.

10 Tips to Throw a Good Business Event

Business Event resized 600

A great way for any business to increase its likeability is by hosting a customer event. But be cautious: Events are live productions and must be done well. Here are ten tips on how to throw a good business event:

Enriching Events Through Social Media

Social Media Promotion

Human beings are social creatures. They thrive on interactions and socialize constantly. This is why social media has reached a feverish pitch in the last decade with the introduction of such sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Pinterest. The smart business person would realize that this is the best way to get attention to their cause or business. A majority of the world is now tech savvy, keeping in touch with the world through hand held mobile devices and being extremely connected and mobile. Part of an event management solution is to make use of social media to gain a following for your events. How can you enrich a user’s experience with your events if you are an event management company?

Tips to Promote Your Event

Event Promotion

Promoting events with better effectiveness requires experience and innovation in your event planning skills. Thanks to the technological advancements, there are numerous ways of effectively reaching a wider audience to promote your event. Proper event planning can help you capture a large crowd for your event. A large attendance can prove instrumental in making your campaign successful. Therefore, you should practice the latest event solutions to promote your campaign with better effectiveness.

What Drives the Cost of Private Event Entertainment?

Dueling Pianos

Let’s say you’re throwing a private party for your spouse’s 40th birthday, or perhaps you are considering entertainment for a Gala Fundraising Dinner for your nonprofit organization. Maybe you saw a Dueling Piano show or a really good party band on your vacation to NYC last month and you want them to entertain for your special event. The things that you see are great entertainment. But it’s the things you don’t see that the professional event entertainer is probably going to base his price on. Here are 8 that you should be aware of before you contact your entertainment provider for a price quote:

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