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9 Tips For Event Lighting Nashville


Event lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any event.  The creativity of event lighting in Nashville has grown considerably over the last couple of years.  Creative event lighting influences moods and help showcase everything from centerpieces to cakes to new product corporate rollouts.  Planners often rate lighting as one of the top influencers on the look and feel of any event. 

Here are some Lighting tips.

9 Lighting Tips

1. Project light designs such as flowers, carpets, monograms, or religious symbols. Designs are produced by the lighting designer according to your specifications. Projections create a unique and mysterious ambiance. Guests will love it.

2. Three months in advance of your event, ask your planner to walk your lighting desinger through the ceremony and reception venues. This will help the lighting designer figure out how to camouflage the lighting. With advance preparation, designers can conceal lighting fixtures in the building architecture or décor while achieving exciting effects.

3. Don’t use too many lighting fixtures that throw moving light around the room. You run the risk of having your event look busy or tacky.

4. Don't let an inexperienced DJ or band provide the lighting for your event. It seldom works because you run the risk of having your event look like a high school dance. It's always best to hire an experienced light designer.

5. If your budget is tight, use uplighting at the perimeter of the room to create a colored glow on the walls; this transforms the space and creates interest and excitement.

6. Use lots of candles on the tables. Candlelight is still one of the best solutions to add drama and beauty to a room.

7. Use pin spots to highlight flowers and centerpieces. Don’t skimp on lighting or else no one
will see your gorgeous arrangements and decorations!

8. Consider using wireless LED lighting. Because they don't require an outlet, LED lighting can be placed anywhere—in a banquet hall, on the beach, in the back yard. Wireless lights can even be programmed to change color throughout the evening, creating a serene, interesting

9. Keep in mind that all lighting should be clean and neat so it doesn’t detract from the décor. White fixtures are usually better because they most easily blend in to the decor.

Posted by: Darcy Miller

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