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Glassware and Barware

Carat Cut Crystal

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Available Pieces:
23.2 oz. Carat Crystal Red / All-Purpose Wine Goblet
18 oz. Carat Crystal White Wine Goblet
22.2 oz. Carat Crystal Water / Tea Goblet
8.8 oz. Carat Crystal Champagne Flute
11.1 oz. Carat Crystal Dessert Wine Goblet

Stemless Barware

Stemless Barware

Madison Collection

Madison Barware

Academia Del Vino Crystal

Academia Del Vino Crystal Barware

Available Pieces:
26 oz. Accademia del Vino Bordeaux Wine Goblet
12 oz. Accademia del Vino White Wine Goblet

Standard Barware

Standard Barware

Vina Blue

Vina Blue Barware

Vina Collection

Vina Glassware

Available Pieces:
18.5 oz. Vina Water

10.25 oz. Vina White Wine

18.25 oz. Vina Red Wine

12.75 oz. Vina All-Purpose

16 oz. Vina Beverage

8 oz. Vina Champagne

Premeire Collection

Premeire Barware

Available Pieces:
16 oz. Pure Water/Tea/Beer
16 oz. Premiere Red/All Purpose Wine/Bordeaux Goblet
12.5 oz. Classico WATER/Tea/Beer Goblet
10 oz. Premiere Crystal White Wine Goblet
12 oz. Premiere Crystal Beaujolais Old Fashioned Red Wine Goblet
7 oz. Premiere Crystal Champagne Flute

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