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Meet the Team: Fatima


For some people, family is so important, they seek and create it everywhere they go. This is especially the case for Fatima, Linens Department Manager at MCTE. Of course, with seven kids, a loving family, and an awesome work team, we’ve grown to consider the word “family” synonymous with Fatima, and for more reasons than her tireless positivity and warmth.

Fatima walked into MCTE to inquire about a job over eight years ago. She met with JT (who most of you know as one of our beloved and charismatic CEOs), who accepted her application. As Fatima began to leave, she asked one of the linen press employees if she could try her hand at the machine, just to understand how the job worked. Unbeknownst to Fatima, JT happened to catch that moment. After a few minutes, he approached her and said, “you’re hired”. She’s been a vital part of MCTE ever since.

At that time, Fatima was the only female working in that side of the business. She found such a passion for linens and the overall process of working to execute an event from the rentals side that within three years, she was promoted to management. Fatima has worked in management at MCTE ever since. Did we mention she has SEVEN kids (ages 18, 13, 12, 11, 10, 8, 7, and 4)?!?

Family is Fatima’s ultimate priority, whether at home or work, and she feels the best part of her job is experiencing teamwork and successful growth in such a family-oriented environment. She’s a wealth of experience and knowledge, happy to share anything she can.


What’s the greatest challenge of your job?

I think the greatest challenge of my job isn’t really in the actual job duties, but it’s more about figuring out and managing personalities. Isn’t that the biggest challenge of management, though? I figured out very early on that if my team members knew I could and would do every part of their job (and then some), things would be easier all the way around. So that’s what we do: we share our work, and then when we’re done, we try to find ways to help out other departments. That’s the best feeling.

Having seven kids plus a busy job, do you ever get any rest?

I actually get plenty of rest! I’m lucky that my husband does most of the cooking and we’re able to keep our family on a good schedule. We keep everyone together and do most everything together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside work?

In the early days of my job, I wasn’t always able to spend a lot of time with my family. Now (along with a great departmental team in place), I’m able to spend more quality time with my family.  For example, I was able to spend Memorial Day weekend cooking with my oldest daughter, which is something she never got to experience like my younger children do. That meant the world to us both.

Okay, be honest. What’s the best way to remove wine from a tablecloth? 

I’ll share a tip with you that was shared with me when I first came to MCTE: Borax, baking soda, and fabric softener. Make a paste and either directly apply to spot or soak the soiled part of the linen in a sink or bucket with a concentrated solution of the three products. Voila!