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When considering Nashville event space and venues start with answering the following question. True or False: Do hotel weddings always save money since everything is included in the price.

Answer: False. Sometimes, when things seem to be too good to be true, they are! It seems so easy. The tables, chairs, china, glassware, silverware, votives, and even linens are all included. This would seem to suggest that there would be nothing more to do and as a result, it would save money. This is actually not the case. Below is a list of things to think about when considering a hotel wedding venue:

1. Does the existing carpet on the floor work with the design I am envisioning for my special day?

2. Does the print on the banquet chairs work with my design, or do I need to rent chairs that look better?

3. What linen colors are available? Most hotels will offer two color-combinations of linen: white and black, white and ivory, or black and ivory. However, hotels will happily secure specialty linen – but only for an additional fee.

4. What length are the table linens? Some hotels offer “standard” linens that only reach halfway to the floor. Floor length table linens are often considered “specialty linens,” and are charged as an additional fee to the total.

5. Is the lighting in the ballroom recessed or chandelier? Some ballrooms have beautiful chandeliers on dimmers, and others offer recessed lighting on dimmers. However, color changes are usually impossible, and ambient lighting can only be created using dimmers. If light color is important, then most hotels will be happy to contract with a lighting company for an additional charge.

6. Does the hotel offer choices on china, silverware or glassware? Most hotels offer beautiful china. However, in the event you prefer an alternative, then these items will also add to the total cost.

7. What is the food & beverage charge? This is usually an additional fee charged as a percentage of the total cost of the event.

8. What about service charges and tax? All hotels charge a minimum of 22% service charge and a tax of 9.25% on the service charge. This can add an additional $33.29 to an average check of $100.00. As for the food and beverage charge, you will find that the prices charged by a hotel are considerably higher than those charged by caterers. Why? Because you are paying for the wait staff, china, glassware, cleaning of the china and glassware, linen and cleaning of the linen, banquet chairs and tables and the maintenance if the ballroom

Your wedding is one of life’s most memorable events. Hotels offer wonderful venues and experiences. Just don’t make the mistake of assuming that everything is included and most of all pick an expert event planner to help you make the right decision.

Randi Lesnick of Randi Events and Nashville Event Space
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Joe Freedman is the President and Co-Founder of Music City Tents and Peachtree Tents. Four of Joe’s companies have been listed multiple times on Inc Magazine’s Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000fastest growing, privately held companies in the United States. Mr. Freedman has been a finalist for “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Nashville Business Journal. Joe is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who has spent more making a difference in the lives of his team and clients by launching, growing and building top-tier service companies throughout the US and abroad.

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Music City Tent’s mission is to “give others the best day of their lives.” Music City Tents and Peachtree Tents are event service equipment rental companies serving the southeastern United States from regional offices in Nashville and Atlanta. Music City is a multi-year recipient of the Hot100 list by BusinessTN Magazine and was awarded, Best in Business by the Nashville Business Journal. In 2011 and 2012, Inc. Magazine listed Peachtree on the “Inc. 5000” list of fastest growing, privately held companies in the United States. Peachtree was also nominated for “Rental Company of the Year” and Event Solutions Spotlight of the Year, by Rental Management Magazine.

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