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Valet Parking

People host events every day, month and year all around the world. From weddings to birthday parties to retirement events, social gatherings pervade our nights and weekends. Often people try to organize their event parking situation by doing it themselves or cajoling friends into doing the difficult work. Valet Service seems to be popping up in countless restaurants and social settings in last several years. So, you may ask, what are the benefits of hiring valet service for your restaurant, party or event?

Valet Service provides Safety. Having the opportunity to leave your car near the event entrance can provide an excellent and safe atmosphere to get into the event. Also, by not walking long distances from your car to the event, you can drastically reduce any opportunities for unsafe situations. Your valet service also works with the city on all parking permits/valet lane closures. Valets gladly keep a careful eye on parked cars. A continuously patrolled area provides a safer area with fewer chances for crime outbreaks.
Valet Service provides added convenience for both the venue as well as the guests. Not only saving guests from a long trek to their destination, Valet Service will also provide them with helping hands to carry items from cars into the venue for either guests or vendors such as caterers. Extra help during an event is always a welcome benefit.
Valet Service offers the host or hostess the benefit of spare time. All it takes is one phone call and all parking and valet service is out of your mind. Your guests will feel part of a wonderfully orchestrated event the moment they step out of their vehicle.
Valet Service provides peace of mind. Valet is not merely a parking car service. Should you forget something while at the event, valet attendants are happy to retrieve items from your car at any point. This element of service is the foundation for the success of any event.
Valet Service provides various benefits, but the overarching benefit is one of wonderful experience. You won’t worry about safety, the hassle of parking issues, the transport of items or other possible vehicle mishaps during the event. If any of these benefits sound like a solution to your event needs, valet service might just be the perfect fit for you.

By Leah Edwards,

Avenue Parking, 615-543-6084

Avenue Parking is a Nashville based full service parking company providing valet service, lot management, shuttle service, and traffic directors.

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Joe Freedman is the President and Co-Founder of Music City Tents and Peachtree Tents. Four of Joe’s companies have been listed multiple times on Inc Magazine’s Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000fastest growing, privately held companies in the United States. Mr. Freedman has been a finalist for “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Nashville Business Journal. Joe is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who has spent more making a difference in the lives of his team and clients by launching, growing and building top-tier service companies throughout the US and abroad.

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Music City Tent’s mission is to “give others the best day of their lives.” Music City Tents and Peachtree Tents are event service equipment rental companies serving the southeastern United States from regional offices in Nashville and Atlanta. Music City is a multi-year recipient of the Hot100 list by BusinessTN Magazine and was awarded, Best in Business by the Nashville Business Journal. In 2011 and 2012, Inc. Magazine listed Peachtree on the “Inc. 5000” list of fastest growing, privately held companies in the United States. Peachtree was also nominated for “Rental Company of the Year” and Event Solutions Spotlight of the Year, by Rental Management Magazine.