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i love working with my cheekwood clients- the results are extraordinary!

Most people watch “The Wedding Planner” movie and assume this industry is just like J-Lo portrayed, but we all know that isn’t the case: there’s a lot more that goes into bringing event ideas to reality. Sometimes our career paths endure many twists and turns before arriving at the current destination, much like our sales team member Katie’s story.

Katie hails from Appleton, WI (trivia: also the home of Harry Houdini). The daughter of a cardiologist and a nurse, Katie took the opposite path of her parents and siblings and chose to study English at Washington & Lee University in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

She began a wedding planner internship after her freshman year with a successful Lake Michigan-based event company. The summer after her junior year of college, Katie lived and interned with Big City Bride in Chicago.

College graduation day arrived and Katie spent the summer in Wisconsin as she pondered the next step: maybe San Francisco to be by the bay, maybe Richmond to stay in that precious Shenandoah Valley, or maybe something with a little more “funk”… which brings us to Music City U.S.A.

Katie was lucky: she moved to a completely new town only really knowing one person and immediately, effortlessly found her tribe. Shortly thereafter she met Audrey in February 2015, who challenged Katie to think about her event planning career from the rental side of the industry. She’s been a vital part of the MCTE team ever since.

Life is lovely and good for Katie. She is eternally positive, chill, and kind, a lesson she learned early on from her family. She and her boyfriend James (a Sony/ATV and Tree Vibez songwriter) love to dance, cook, listen to good music and drink good wine. She keeps her sanity with spin classes, long walks, and reading. Best of all, she truly loves her job, because it represents being a small part of someone’s memories.

We finished our interview with a couple of quick questions:

Desert Island Record?

Jason Isbell‘s Southeastern. I could listen to that all day, every day, for the rest of my life and be happy about it. The track “Elephant” still brings me to tears!!

Red or white wine? Why, and what’s your favorite?

Oh, that’s an easy one. Red! I have a very bitter taste palate (my coworkers will tell you I drink straight black coffee at 3pm!) so white is too sweet to me. And since I am so bold…. a merlot or cab!

Why is spin class your thing?

I used to play sports competitively as a kid (soccer, volleyball, tennis- all at once!) and loved the feeling of sweat and a pumping heart. Spin is really the only activity I found as an adult to give me that adrenaline pump! So I love it. It keeps me sane!!

Current favorite Nashville restaurant/dish?

It changes all the time since Nashville’s food scene is killer. My favorite day of the week is Sunday because it’s the day spent completely with my boyfriend- we almost always go out for breakfast! My current favorite I cannot get enough of is Edgehill’s Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Y’ALL. This is the best breakfast sandwich in Nashville- I swear!!

keep up with Katie and her adventures with music city tents & events on instagram!