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MCTE places a high priority on creating an environment that nurtures employee growth and strength on many levels, and our General Manager Alexis is such a great example of that company culture.

Growing up overseas, Alexis has always been passionate about embracing different cultures and ethnicities. After discovering her passion for personal training at her time at Auburn University, Alexis began pursuing a career in personal training post graduation. Soon she met an MCTE executive who became one of her clients and before you know it, she was offered a day job at MCTE. As they say, the rest is history!

Alexis began her career with the company as a receptionist over three years ago. Within seven months she moved back to the customer pickup area, and shortly after that, she moved into the role as the HR manager. This is where her childhood passion for cultures found a new home because Alexis suddenly found her place within the diverse cultures of MCTE employees. Not long after moving into HR, Alexis soon took on the Operations/GM position, which was rather unheard of for a female. This is where her intellectual and physical strength (not to mention her heart) really began to shine:

“Being a woman in such a male-dominated area of the company wasn’t easy at first. When they caught a glimpse of my physical strength (being able to lift and carry along with the rest of them) as well as my genuine compassion for their personal lives, it began to work.” 

Speaking of strength, the long hours of the job required a solution: how could Alexis and other employees find a way to work out and build their strength if their work schedule made it hard to go to the gym? Alexis saw the need, had the gifts, and worked to found the first MCTE gym, where any employee is able to work out each day. She creates the workouts and trains employees to use the equipment so even a 30-minute lunch hour workout is effective enough to maintain a strong mind and body.

The best thing about her job? “Every day is a puzzle piece,” she says. There’s never a boring moment at MCTE, and having to stay on top of the operations team schedules in and out of the office (drivers, field crew, linen/dish department, customer pickup, hourly employees) requires a level of compassion and focus that comes naturally to someone who loves family, diversity, and strength.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she says. “I found a home here at MCTE and in Nashville, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The people at MCTE are my family.”