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Gary Musick Productions: Tell us a little bit about what your company offers.

“Gary Musick Productions has been producing meetings and events for over 35 years. We have production and scenic capabilities, servicing clients from concept to completion. In 2014, we added a destination management division, Destination Musick City, focused on inbound business to Nashville.”

Anna: How did you get into the industry? How long have you been working for your dad?

“As Gary’s daughter, I have been exposed to the industry since I was young. Growing up, I remember going to the many shows GMP produced and seeing all the ‘behind the scenes’ action required to achieve live production.

During my senior year of college, I began more serious discussions of going to work at GMP. I started working 2 weeks after graduation, and my first day was at the all-day yearly company meeting. My dad joked, ‘What better day to start?’

I started at GMP in May of 2010, and transitioned to operations at Destination Musick City in 2014, for a total of 6.5 years with the company.”

What are the best things about working with family? And maybe some of the challenges ? 

“Gary travels a lot for business, which can sometimes make full family gatherings hard to coordinate, between babies, spouses, etc. I have the luxury of seeing him in the office, so I get to see him a bit more than my siblings. I also feel like we have an even stronger open door policy because of our relationship – I’m not sure if he would consider this a benefit or challenge 😉

One of my very first challenges was training myself not to call him ‘Dad’ in the workplace. Now my family has to remind me to not call him Gary in front of them. Overall, the biggest challenge is keeping work at work, and home at home. It can be hard not to ‘talk shop’ at the Thanksgiving table.”

Tell us a little about how you feel about seeing each other achieving goals and succeeding every day?

Anna: “Proud. I am proud to be his daughter and proud to work at our amazing, respected company that he has built. He works harder than anyone I know (truly!), and loves every bit of it. We have an A+ team here, and to see everyone work together and deliver incredible events for our clients is immeasurably rewarding, and I can’t imagine it being any more so than for our fearless leader.”

Gary: “I had never anticipated any of my kids being interested in working here at the company, so I was surprised and delighted to hear that Anna was interested in coming on board after college. I warned her it would be harder for her than a normal situation because she would have a lot to prove to her coworkers. Her value was apparent immediately, and she especially seemed to shine in logistics and operations. These are both key elements needed for a successful DMC team. Since joining Destination Musick City, Anna has become our ‘secret weapon’ and is fantastic at managing the minutia of even the most complicated programs.

Admittedly, it is probably challenging for her to have to deal with me every day, and I occasionally have to remind her not to call me ‘Dad’ in company meetings. But I have to say, it warms my heart when I see how my little girl has grown to be a significant part of the business life of this ‘Dad’!”

Learn more about Gary Musick Productions’ services here.