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Tips on Giving: Picking Wedding Gifts that Won’t Go to Waste

Weddings are romantic occasions that involve a lot of giving. You’re giving your time, your love, your attention, and you’re giving gifts. No matter what role you play in a wedding, whether you’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or the bride herself, you will have to do some gift giving. As nobody wants to spend money on something that will just go to waste, follow these tips for ideas that the giftee is sure to love!

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Thanking the Wedding Party

Some of the trendy gifts to give, like coordinated robes, make for great photo ops but don’t have longevity. Especially considering a woman might continue to get different robes every time she’s in another wedding. Think instead about other useful items they could use both during the wedding as well as in their daily lives. If you want to stick with the morning theme of wedding ideas, consider instead gifting them with a cute, cozy outfit to lounge in while you’re all getting ready. You can get them each a pair of their favorite Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants knowing they will still get plenty of use long after your big day. Depending on your budget or the size of your party you might want to consider shopping for secondhand Victoria’s Secret Pink styles online. Not only is this the kind of present that won’t go to waste, but by thrift shopping for them, you’re helping to give these garments a longer life, preventing fashion waste.

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Favors For Your Wedding Guests

There are a number of great ideas out there for wedding favors. Some are more useful than others. One thing that makes a favor more likely to be thrown away is if it’s just a cheap personalized trinket that has little use to your guests. While it might be cute to have your new name and the date of the wedding inscribed on a key chain, it may not make it to everyone’s set of keys. Goodie bags by the dessert table and having guests pack away treats to take home is one option that has been growing in popularity. When your friends and family can choose what they want and it’s something they can eat, it’s sure to not go to waste. This is also a great way to ensure that your dessert table won’t have any food going in the trash. For other reliable wedding favor ideas be sure to check out what others have done before that were a big hit!

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Photo: Janelle Elise

Take Advantage of the Registry

When buying for the happy couple, don’t overthink it. They spend a lot of time putting together a registry of the items they need to start their lives together. It may not feel like the most creative or personal gift but it is something that they themselves have said they need. Additionally, couples are starting to have the option to register for other less traditional things like excursions on their honeymoon, or subscriptions to meal kits or even personalized name change kits that can make the bride’s name change process much more simple. If it is on their registry, you can buy it knowing for certain it is something they want.

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Take Something Off Their Plate

The costs of a wedding are becoming astronomical. If you are particularly close to the couple and the registry gifts seem too small a gesture, consider instead taking one of the wedding costs off their plate. Perhaps you could offer to pay for the venue, the DJ, or even utilize a company that offers a wide variety of common wedding rentals to help with the costs of the reception, whichever fits the budget you had in mind. All of these things are likely items the couple were going to buy themselves are certainly would not go to waste!