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Archive of Category: Blog

Human beings are social creatures. They thrive on interactions and socialize constantly. This is why social media has reached a feverish pitch in the last decade with the introduction of such sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Pinterest. The...
Charities Bash Annual Costume Party
The Charities Bash was created by the partners of Music City Tents & Events to continue their mission of “giving other’s the best day of their lives”. No other event rental business gives more of their time and money to...
Top Nashville Event Planner, Randi Lesnick: Problem Solving Series
“Problem Solving Series” Q & A Session with Randi Lesnick of Hospitality Consultants and Joe Freedman of Music City Tents. What are the three biggest problems your customers have? 1. Clients’ visions and dreams are often larger than their budgets allow...
Top Nashville Wedding Planner, Angela Proffitt: Problem Solving
“Problem Solving Series” Q & A Session with Angela Proffitt of Elegant Weddings and Joe Freedman of Music City Tents.  What are the three biggest problems your customers have? There is a tremendous amount of misinformation in the public domain...
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