Sailcloth Tents

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• Sailcloth Tents are fabricated with sheer translucent vinyl material making them strong and able to withstand the elements. They diffuse natural sunlight and glow in the evening as warm light emanates from inside.
• We have a 51’ and 60’ wide Sailcloth Tent available with many different length options.
• Sailcloth Tents must be staked. Stakes cannot be driven into concrete, but can be attached to asphalt. Asphalt can be patched post-event.
• Permitting fees may be applicable and take 10 business days to process. (maybe add this as a disclaimer for All tents)
• Walls are available for the sailcloth tent at an additional cost.
• Heating, air conditioning, and lighting packages are available at an additional cost.
• Call 615-298-9222 to speak with an account manager for a quote!


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